The Polish Cultural Institute in London and Adam Mickiewicz Institute are proud to present the renowned experimental theatre independent ensemble Komuna//Warszawa with their play ‘Cezary Goes to War,’ taking place at Army @ The Fringe in Edinburgh this August. There will be 9 performances, running from the 16th to the 25th of August.

The play consists of four men, who act, dance and sing their way through a surreal army recruitment assessment, accompanied by a stark and spirited live piano score. Director Cezary Tomaszewski takes this overtly masculine military ritual and twists it through fantasy and queer masculinity, with the main emphasis on the idea of war itself, and what it means in the 21st century. The result is a piece that combines camp and humorous musical dance performances with a poignant vision of young, vulnerable men preparing for war that might never happen.

Cezary Goes to War stands alone as a fully realised artwork presented at the Edinburgh FRINGE in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute in London and Adam Mickiewicz Institute to celebrate 100 years of Poland regaining independence. The aim is to entertain with great theatre, whilst simultaneously stimulating curiosity and engagement with Poland’s specific contribution to global art and culture. This event is part of this year’s Army@TheFringe programme, in association with Summerhall.

Summerhall is a permanent cultural village in the heart of Edinburgh, which presents a fabulously eclectic selection of art, theatre, music and dance at this year’s Fringe Festival.

Poland is a country with a rich theatrical tradition that remains greatly loved and admired by the public. Komuna//Warszawa is one of the most important and cutting edge independent ensembles, constantly experimenting and seeking new potential in the art form, incorporating visual arts, dance, and grass roots activism. Their base in Warsaw functions not only as a theatre but also venue for concerts, lectures and discussions in which the audience are always an integral part of the action.

Venue: Army @ The Fringe, in association with Summerhall, Venue 210, 89 East Claremont, Street, EH7 4HU
Dates: Nine performances from 16-19 and 21-25 August
Time: 7pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: £10
Box office: 01315601581
Guidance: 12+ age, in Polish with English subtitles